The Challenge

Client is operating in a crowded market and needed to differentiate his business. After competitive research and keeping in line with our client’s goals, we determined that he needed a polished website that spoke to his attention to detail, as well as to the target market he wanted to reach.  Again, the website needed to be functional, meaning that his prospects need to be directed towards the information that we want them to see, as well as make him easily accessible.

The Solution

The V2M2 Group built LDJ Cleaning a website that aesthetically set him apart from his competition.  Through the use of content analytics, Google analytics and heat maps, we determined the optimal design for his website to maximize engagement increase conversions.

We built from the ground up

Set him apart from the competition


Search Engine Optimization


Website Redesign

Project Days

Amazing Result

Frank is a great strategic thinker, planner, and executor. He is a true consummate professional with the highest degree of character and integrity. I was impressed with Frank’s ability to quickly understand my marketing needs and identify opportunities to improve. He has a tremendous work ethic and is driven to work with his clients until they are completely satisfied. I highly recommend Frank to anyone looking for professional marketing needs.

L. Johnson

Founder and Owner, LDJ Cleaning

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