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The Challenge

Sakamoto’s was a new  Japanese Sushi and Steakhouse in a budding community.  This was a new concept for a community that never had a sushi restaurant before.  They were open to new marketing strategies and decided to give social media marketing a try.  They needed to improve their bottom line but had restrictions on space, the menu and revenue generated from liquor sales.

The Solution

The V2M2 Group deduced after initial needs analysis that take-out orders had the greatest potential for revenue growth with little to no capital outlay.  We built a mobile application with geolocating to notify mobile users of Sakamoto’s great take-out service. We supplemented this with photography capturing the ambience of the restaurant and patrons during busy hours.  Facebook posts with new sushi dishes and images of warm Japanese food on cold winter days drove engagement on social media.

Revenue grew 200% in 3 months.

Totally new strategy for Sakamotos

First to have mobile app with geolocation


Social media marketing


Increase in Revenue


Mobile App Development


Media Creation

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