Social Media Marketing that Reaches.

It’s not content management…it’s social media MARKETING!

There is a HUGE difference between social media marketing (that we do) and what “social media managers”, “content specialists” and “social media coordinators” do.

V2M2 Group partners with clients to develop and implement a comprehensive social media marketing plan that delivers results.  This is where the difference starts to present itself – because we don’t stop at strategy.

We need the managers, content specialists and coordinators to implement the strategies we assemble.  To push the content out into the social atmosphere.

For us, social media is more than just likes and follows.  So, we employ the best social media content producers, and carefully manage each bit of content to ensure it aligns with what’s working best per platform and the strategy…and then, we watch that reach SOAR.

Tell us if your SMM is going to such efforts PER POST. 

Likely, as we see all the time – you get what you pay for. 

So, don’t skimp on the good stuff.

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Eye Catching Content.

Content that gets the ‘looks’ comes from a content mix that meets your audience where they are at.  We find them using:


  • Avatar Videos
  • Short Form Video
  • Animated Social Graphics
  • Nano-Influencers
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • AI Tools

Custom Avatars for Marketing.

Video Content Creation.

Video is the #1 form of digital marketing content.

Videos boost organic traffic by 157%.

Videos improve email CTRs by up to 300%.

Google 1st page ranking is 53x more likely with video.

When the data tells you to use video…why aren’t you?


We do great videos for you, for little investment.

Trust the Process.

Our social media marketing tactics are built for increased visibility, engagement and advocacy development.  We connect your data to get measurable results – demonstrating with good social media marketing revenue generation happens.

Choosing the best social platforms that speak to an audince along with knowing the best days and times to post make content successful.  In addition, posting inside groups and diligent interaction keeps followers informed and engaged.

Using a defined brand voice inside all social content that differentiates in the marketplace.  Maintaining brand consistency inside each piece of content allows followers to quickly recognize a brand in a highly competitive social environment.

Many voices are better than one.  That is why engagement is key to a working social media marketing strategy.  We work feverishly to build an army of advocates for brands to produce measureable outcomes that increase a bottom line.

Social media can directly affect search engine rankings, which in turn, increases your website traffic when done properly.  Our keen understanding of sales enables us to consult on the best way to convert those website visitors into paying customers.

Our complete suite of technology gives us an advantage in creating the most compelling content for a social presence.  As a video forward agency, we understand how long and short form social media marketing videos maximize the engagement necessary to grow a brand – so, we employ them as a standard.

An initial determination of how many sales are needed in order to have a positive ROI on a marketing investment is where we like to begin.  Then, through conducting market research, doing competitive analysis and finding opportunities to fill gaps in the market we can effectively position brands as leaders in their space.

Good results come from building a synergistic strategy that combines social media with other digital marketing efforts to create a compounding effect that increases visibility and results in significant brand growth.

Our extensive social, search engine and Google Analytics data enables us to have a laser focused approach when executing, monitoring and adjusting strategy. Remaining agile when executing social media is a key component to successfully navigating a platform’s algorithms to continue to gain the reach we demand.

Social Gets the Ball Rolling, Keep it Moving.

Think integrated marketing.  It’s not just about one piece – it’s about blending ALL of a digital marketing presence together for a cohesive, consistent, and complimentary end-result that elevates a brand and produces more effective marketing. 

One piece is social…now blend in video marketing, email marketing and automation, and make sure that website is on POINTE!

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