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Joni Brovo

Recording Artist
Live Project

The Challenge

Joni is an up and coming independent Chicago hip hop artist.  He boasts a unique sound but currently has little exposure.  The goal with Joni Brovo is to increase his visibility in the crowded hip-hop market. In addition to marketing, we have the additional task of management for Joni Brovo.

The Solution

In today’s music industry, social media plays a huge role in the marketability of an artist.  This is an ongoing project which consists of website builds, SEO, social media, media production, artist collaboration, music promotion, bookings, digital distribution and more.  Since acquiring Joni, he has shot three music videos, performed at South By Southwest in 2017 to a packed house and released one Ep, “The Soft Life Vol 1”.  The Soft Life Volume 1 is currently our marketing focus.

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