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Digital Marketing

Brand management goes far beyond marketing.  This is the process of not only growing your brand  visibility, but enabling it to grow with your business. Nowadays, brands have to be flexible, but always adhering to their initial values and mission.  The V2M2 Group are masters at all components, to include digital marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing and applications that are needed to not only give your brand the visibility and loyalty it deserves, but also in helping you make those business decisions that will increase your bottom line revenue and make your brand last for years to come. 

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Customer Experience Automation

How much time and money do you spend chasing leads?  How much time is wasted on unqualified leads? What if you could create a unique experience for every customer?   It’s about building meaningful connections and creating unique experiences for all of your customers.  Our AI powered automations will increase the effectiveness of your sales and marketing teams while increasing revenue for your business by pre-qualifying prospects and keeping them engaged long after the initial contact. 

Social Media Marketing

   Social media marketing is much more than just posting content.  It is building a community of advocates for your business .  Social media marketing involves making data-based decisions on what content to post, the type of content to post, the frequency of posting and on what channels.  The ultimate goal of social media should be driving your engagers to follow-through on a call to action, leading to more business. 

The V2M2 Group has helped clients worldwide greatly increase their online visibility and  lead generation through data driven social media strategies.  

 See how we helped one client grow their business utlizing our social media tactics….Oh, and without one dime of paid advertising!

BizVidz Pro Video Creation Services

Don’t need all of our marketing services right now?  Check out our new subscription based video content creation service, BizVidz Pro.  We will create the content for you.  Content that engages and converts.  Check it out here!

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