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The Challenge

LC Interiors is a Fortune 500 Interior Design firm that needed to find a way to nurture and engage both prospects and current clients without adding extra workload to their small, but growing team.

The Solution

The V2M2 Group decided that marketing automation would be the best method to pre-qualify prospects, and engage prospects and current clients without increasing the workload of their current staff.

The V2M2 Group however, took it one step further, deciding to automate many of their internal processes as well. We were able to integrate internal communication systems (Slack), proposal creation, invoicing, document signing, client meetings and much more. This resulted in a greatly reduced workload for their staff, while simultaneously engaging and nurturing prospects and current clients.

Post project the V2M2 Group stayed on board in a consultancy role with LC Interiors. The following year, LC interiors was named to the Inc. 5000.



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