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The Best Mobile Social Media Management App

Apphi Social Media Management App  Possibly one of the best mobile social media management apps on the marketing Automatically post to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Post to IGTV and IG Stories. Tons of features!  You can even have your team using this app for your business.  

Should I Cut My Marketing Budget?

Marketing is usually the first expense that gets cut during hard business times. When a company is trying to figure out how to make money, marketing always seems to be one of the first things that goes. However, a study of businesses that came out of a recession stronger than their competitors produced startling results. During these unprecedented times with the pandemic causing mass layoffs and reduced revenue streams for businesses, I answer the question as to whether you should cut people, or even your marketing budget.

One of the Best Social Media Management Tools

There are many social media marketing planning tools out there to choose from. SO how do you find the right social media manager software for you or your business. I have tried Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Agorapulse, Zoho Socia,, SocialReport, Sendible, SocialPilot and more. In this video I review EClincher and some of its standout features. To learn more about EClincher, visit their website at https://eclincher.com/

31 Social Media Tips for Your Business

The students of my Aurora University Social Media Marketing Class are paying it forward by donating their time to give you some actionable tips on social media marketing. Listen and pay it forward for someone who can use this insight.

Why Authentic Storytelling is So Important

Let’s face it. Many people struggle with being authentic on social media. But authentic storytelling is one of the most powerful content marketing tools that you have for your business. Here is my story. You can tell your story and that story will tell people a lot about you, which could lead to more business. With Content marketing, storytelling is paramount.

How to Grow Your Social Media Visibility

When I first started my agency many years ago, nobody knew who I was. I had no followers or even a remote presence on social media. After years of using this tactic, I was able to grow my visibility, influence and agency from a one person operation to 16. Social media is all about connecting and giving your audience what they want.

Use This for Mobile Video Editing

We all know that video rules and even novice editors can create a professional looking from their phone video using this app for Android and iPhone. I review why I like this app. With tons of features that include transitions, effects, and a library full of copywrite free music for use in your videos.

The Best Software for Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the use of technology to consistently deliver your marketing strategy. It can greatly impact your ability to scale and close business faster. Here is a high-level view of marketing automation and the software that I have been using for over 6 years. If you are interested, here is a link to a free trial with ActiveCampaign. https://www.activecampaign.com/?_r=N9…

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