Lately, all of the talk has been about how content is king.  More recently, the hype, and rightfully so,  has been around visual content.   This should come as no surprise because people have been fascinated with pictures for centuries.  Having been a professional photographer for many years and now merging that talent with other skill sets for my marketing business, I see really powerful value in creating powerful images for my clients.  The good news is that with the advent of powerful cell phone cameras,  you no longer need high tech equipment to create stimulating visual content.  All you need is an imagination and some basic skills. I am here to help with the latter.


Think of your ongoing theme.


Ok, now you are armed with cell phone camera in hand, set on the highest resolution and ready to create.  What story are you trying to tell?  Think of something that is really easy to build upon.  For example, if you are visualizing how content is important, think of photographing something that requires content to be of some worth.  For example, a flower with no dirt in the pot, one sheet of paper on the roll of toilet paper, or even a card with nothing written on the inside. You can keep building upon this story after story.  People will be wondering what is next every time you publish a post.


Do the un-ordinary


I love Instagram and their filters.  But for really original looks, I prefer Vignette cellphone camera software.   It has so many filters that can be combined that you can create really original and captivating photos.   That. being said,  also try shooting from different angles.  Most people point and shoot from eye level.  Try shooting from lying on the ground,  or on your back, or in a mirror.  Stand on a chair and shoot down.  Just be creative and think of something totally different.  Then use the filters to create a different feel for your photo if needed.

I hope that this helps you think differently when crafting your visual content.


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