Video Marketing that Moves an Audience.

V2M2 Group has been leading the video realm in marketing for over a decade.  Using state-of-art technology and software, as well as pushing the limits creatively – video is one of our strongest skillsets and something we thrive in executing.


  • Video is the #1 form of digital marketing content
  • Videos boost organic traffic by 157%
  • Videos improve email CTRs by up to 300%
  • Google 1st page ranking is 53x more likely with video

From long to short-form video, brand stories, impact videos, as well as testimonial videos are all part of our video mix. 

In addition, we offer commercial video shoots and avatar video creation.

Best Video Content.

Videos are best consumed by your audience in small bits (short-form), but there is a place for longer videos (long form), too.  We can guide your video strategy to get the most out of each shoot…heck, we might not need you there!  We like to think ahead of the curve but we know these videos get an audience to engage:


  • Avatar Videos
  • Brand Story/Awareness Videos
  • Informational or Educational Content
  • Event Promotion
  • Special Offers
  • Product Teasers
  • Thought Leadership
  • Behind the Scenes

Custom Avatars for Marketing.

Picture This.

You transformed into an animated avatar, representing your brand and engaging your audience.

Custom avatars used in compelling videos offer a powerful arsenal to captivate your audience, drive engagement, and showcase your unique brand identity.

Take a look at a few of the avatars we’ve created for some happy clients.

Video Content Creation.

We make producing video content easy for short and long form videos to use on social, inside email or to live on a website – we call it Video On Demand. 

Custom video packages allow a monthly output of fresh, relevant and polished videos for use across a digital footprint. 

When the data tells you to use video for successful results…why aren’t you?

No time?  No staff or skills?  No resources to make the videos?

When working with V2M2 Group, we do the great videos for you – for little investment.

Video is Just the Beginning.

Think integrated marketing.  It’s not just about one piece – it’s about blending ALL of a digital marketing presence together for a cohesive, consistent, and complimentary end-result that elevates a brand and produces more effective marketing. 


Video is a big piece that can play on all your digital mediums.  Use video on social, inside email marketing, and make sure it lives on a website for maximum reach.

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