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Franklin Rivera

Franklin Rivera


Franklin is a West Point Graduate who holds an MBA from Benedictine University.  He is also a Veteran who served as an officer in the US Army.

Liset Marie Rivera

Liset Marie Rivera


Liset is a graduate of the University of Phoenix and holds a degree in Business.

Tierre Albert

Tierre Albert

Digital Brand Manager

Tierre is a graduate of Aurora University and holds a degree in Marketing.

Maura Feind

Maura Feind

Digital Brand Manager-Sales

Maura is a graduate of Miami University and holds a degree in Marketing. 

Jerry Bell, Ph.D., MBA

Jerry Bell, Ph.D., MBA

Organizational Development

Jerry is a graduate of West Point, and a  former BlackHawk Pilot in the Army.  Jerry has an engineering degree from West Point and his Doctorate in Organizational Development from Benedictine University. 

James Murphy

James Murphy

Sales Performance

Jerry is a graduate of Samford University and holds a degree in HR.  He was formerly a top performing area sales executive with Johnson and Johnson. 

Richard Irvin-Mayor of Aurora Illinois


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Joni Brovo-Recording Artist

Office Evolution

Pinot's Palette

Good Therapy Counseling

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