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marketing automation


Marketing Automation is technology that automates many of your marketing and sales processes to increase revenue and efficiency.  The V2M2 Group develops tailor-made marketing automation solutions for your business. Our automations include artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to deliver the most effective and personalized experience for your prospects and clients.  The V2M2 Group are ActiveCampaign Certified Consultants..

Eight Years Experience with Automation

The most personal experience wins. Automation can help scale that personal and human touch-so that you give each person the right experience, and still have a business that feels like you. 

marketing automation maps

Our marketing automation builds look like a subway map!  That is because build automations with the customer journey in mind, prequalifying and engaging them through a series of scoring triggers.


The V2M2 Group builds forms for both your website and social media in order to capture interested prospects and place them into a marketing /sales funnel.

Smart AI powered scheduling

Unlike most software, our software is built with intelligent AI, maximizing open-rates and engagement across emails.

sales pipeline and revenue tracking

The V2M2 Group connects your marketing automation to a sales pipeline with triggers for specific actions to be taken by your sales team in the case of a hot prospect.

extensive reporting and integrations

Our software and automation maps integrate with over 250 apps from Quickbooks to Amazon so that you can continue to use the software you love.  Extensive reporting gives you a clear picture on the effectiveness of the campaigns and automations.

Research & Analysis

We meet with you to determine your entire marketing and sales process in order to design and orchestrate the best customer journey to keep your current and prospective clients engaged.

The Process

Automation That Works


We build the map and work with you closely to develop any content to be used in the automations.

Execute, Monitor & adjust

Once the automations are built, they go live and we track the process to make sure that people are moving through the process efficiently.  The V2M2 Group will make any adjustments needed.  We also offer a monthly management service as you continue to evolve.

From Our Founder

See the Future

I started using marketing automation when I was a solopreneur, just starting the V2M2 Group.  It just made sense.  

When I started using the software, the software company was about 30 people.  That same company now has over 300 employees and is leading the marketing automation world.

How is that for seeing the future?  The V2M2 Group will help propel your company into the future as well. 


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