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Digital Marketing Strategy

A great digital marketing strategy takes into account the synergy between all components of digital marketing.  This includes social media, website development, search engine optimization, content marketing, email marketing, paid advertising, and advocacy/influencer marketing to name a few.  A recent study conducted by Moz and Fractl stated that most digital marketing agencies have a difficult time finding qualified marketers because of a lack of an understanding of ALL components of digital marketing.  There is no wonder why the V2M2 Group has been named one of the top digital marketing agencies of 2018 and 2019! 

The V2M2 Group understands the power of efficient operations in a business, and digital marketing is no different.  Many of our clients have come to us frustrated and disenchanted with the bias and lack of results of their former agencies.  V2M2 Group’s focus on all components of a digital strategy and measurable business results is often a breath of fresh air for clients.

Social Media Marketing Services
Social media marketing is more than just followers and likes.  Social media plays a big part in search engine optimization and expands into content marketing, influencer/advocacy marketing, blogging and more.  Our unique approach to social media marketing enables our clients to turn cold leads into warm leads and eventually face to face meetings.  Our founder Franklin Rivera walks the walk when it comes to social media, with his Twitter account being ranked in the top 10% worldwide for the most number of senior level management connections. Top social media marketers such as #1 world-ranked Sam Hurley, Sean Gardner and a bunch of others follow Franklin on social media.

The V2M2 Group knows how to help your company make a big impact on social media.

Customer Experience Automation

As How would you like your email marketing to do the work for you?  Marketing automation is a term and a process that many do not understand.  It is basically creating an automated sequence of actions that can help you pre-qualify your prospects and help them to stay engaged.  Knowing how to structure the communication and process is key to engaging the prospective clients that you engage through email and your website.

The V2M2 Group uses one of the best marketing automation tools on the market.  As ActiveCampaign Partners and Certified Consultants, we can create an entire workflow for you that is synonymous to hiring an internal sales and marketing team.  Let us help you gain and engage your prospects more efficiently and save your business money. 

Responsive Website Design
The V2M2 Group does not believe in charging their clients for a pretty website.  A functional website goes far beyond the aesthetics.  Your prospects must engage with your website in the way that you intended them to.  After we build your website, we test it for the traffic flow and perform a content analysis to ensure that people are engaging with your website in the right way.  And guess what?  If they are not, then we rebuild your website.

We are one of the only agencies that offers 3 complete website rebuilds in a 6 month period at no additional charge.  We do not nickel and dime our clients for every little change or adjustment to your website.  Our goal is to make you the nicest and most functional website without breaking your bank.  After all,  you are in business to make money, not to lose it, right?

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is known is a hot area in digital marketing.  It is a very important spoke in the wheel of digital marketing success.  Being able to know which keywords and links to authoritative websites is important in helping your website rank higher in the search engine results.  There are many components that make up a good SEO strategy.  These include the website design, social media, and content marketing to name a few.  That is why is is PARAMOUNT that when building a digital marketing strategy, you have an agency that understands how to implement and make  these different components work synergistically to give you the highest probability of digital marketing success.

We have helped many of our clients reach top rank on Google by employing a combination of the aforementioned components.  We can do the same for you and your business.

Content Marketing Services
Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. (Content Marketing Institute).  The key to content marketing is understanding your ultimate intention and your target audience.  Too much content is focused on the sale on not enough on educating the prospect.

The V2M2 Group works hard at understanding your business goals and the needs of your target market.  We can find the right content to position your company for maximum engagement.

Advocacy/Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing employs influential people to help you greatly increase your visibility.  However, we believe that an advocate is much more powerful than an influencer because an advocate truly believes in your product or service.  An advocate can be an influencer but rarely is it ever the other way around in today’s digital age.

V2M2 uses its internal and external resources to find those that are passionate about your brand.  We help you get the word out by connecting with these advocates and utilizing them to gain the share of voice much more rapidly than were you to do it alone.

Hourly Consulting
We can help your company make sure that it is staying on the right track with our one-on-one consulting services.  We will perform an audit of your current digital marketing strategy and work with your existing team to help you maximize your efforts. Give us a call.  We can work either virtually or at your place of business.
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