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Here are some common questions about V2M2.

How Are We Different?

Social Media Marketing Questions?

Marketing Automation Questions?

How Do I Get Started?

How We are Different


What makes you different than other agencies?

Our tagline is that we are “Business People Who Do Marketing”.  This means that while we are creative in our solutions, we understand business and how different components of your business can affect your marketing efforts.   

Our CEO, Franklin Rivera has an MBA with a Finance Concentration, so he is very focused on developing strategies that impact your bottom line and produce a positive ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment). He was also a top sales rep with Johnson and Johnson, Novartis and GSK, often ranked in the top 1%.  So he also understands how to tie the sales process into your marketing efforts. 

How do you measure success?

Because we are focused on increasing your company’s bottom line, we directly tie our efforts to your revenue goals.  This is done by tracking all of our efforts through tracking links, tracking phone numbers and more.  We know which actions taken by us are responsible for specific results. 

We take into account conversion rates and the CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) of your prospects and are able to calculate potential revenue. 

What is the pricing for your services?

Every business is different and each has their own solution.  That is why we do not have flat pricing. However, each client’s pricing includes all of the necessary elements to help them be successful online.  

Shouldn't I hire a specialist?

While having a specialist has its advantages, in digital marketing working with a specialist can be counterproductive.  

A 2015 study concluded that generalists in digital agencies were rare and highly sought after.  This was because many specialists did not know how to tie together the many components of a successful digital strategy, and were unaware of how one component affects the other. 

By having everything centralized, it is easier to execute without losing valuable time and money. 

Why don't you focus on one industry?

We do not focus on one industry for fear of becoming “Industry Blind”.  Because V2M2 has worked within a variety of industries, we are able to pull our experiences from those industries and give you a truly unique approach to your marketing challenges.  

Social Media

I am a B2B business. Do I need social media marketing?

Over 79% of marekting specialists in the B2B space say that social media is one of their most effective channels.  Social media marketing can raise your brand awareness, establish thought leadership, deliver customer service, grow strategic relationships and position you in the marketplace to be proactive instead of reactive. 

How do you measure social media success?

Everything that we do on social media is tracked.  Additionally, all social media marketing decisions as it relates to content, frequency and platforms are based on data. 

After establishing baselines, we are able to know which actions are driving the greatest engagement and tie that to measurable revenue business results. 

Do you limit the number of posts you will do?

V2M2 does not believe in limiting the number of posts per week for our clients.  That is because social media is a dynamic space, and the affiinities of the target audience changes frequently.  Our frequency of posting, posting days and media type depend on the data we receive from our detailed social analytics. 

What types of content are best for social media marketing?

Video is the best type of content for social media at this time.  Video content has a 1200% higher engagement rate than text and images combined.  

The V2M2 Group regularly posts videos for their clients, utilizing our large library of stock footage (1 million HD and 4K) and our library of over 5000 tracks of copywrite free music. 

The V2M2 Group, depending on your marketing needs, can also write blogs and other content as needed to drive interest in your business and website traffic. 

Marketing Automation

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is defined as the use of technology to execute those marketing and sales processes that are often repetitive in nature. 

Marketing automation has expanded into automating a wide range of business processes to help businesses operate more efficiently.  

This can be not only marketing and sales, but also communication, invoicing, proposal delivery, and a lot more. 

How experienced is V2M2 in Marketing Automation?

The V2M2 Group has been building marketing automation plans and sequences for businesses since 2013.

The V2M2 Group was one of the first certified ActiveCampaign Consultants in the country and has built complex automations and tech stacks for a variety of industries. 

Here is an example of an automation we created for a client.  But be careful, it looks like a subway map!

What are the benefits of marketing automation?

Marketing automation helps businesses run more efficiently by automating repetitive marketing, sales and administrative tasks.  This frees up time for your team and makes them more productive.  

Additionally, marketing automation can help your business close more sales through its prequalification process. Each action that your prospects take have different degrees of importance.  These actions are scored so that it is easier to identify who is actually interested in your services.  These now become warm introductions for your sales team, as opposed to cold calls.

What is the customer experience journey?

The customer experience journey is the progression or “experience” that a prospect experiences from the moment of interest to the point of becoming a paid client. 

The V2M2 Group will work with you to determine that customer experience journey, as well as determine the importance of each step for lead scoring purposes.  

The customer experience journey is the most important element of a marketing automation strategy. 

Getting Started

How much do I have to pay to get started?

After our inital discovery meeting, should you decide to move forward, our team will conduct research to determine the best course of action for you.  We will send a proposal with different available options. Each proposal is unique, as we do not have flat pricing.  

Each contract is monthly, and we require the first month’s investment and 50% of the last month’s investment. Upon the 30 days notice of cancellation, we will apply the 50% towards the last month. 

What are your contract periods?

All of our contracts are month to month.  However we do offer a discount for 4 month retainer packages.  

We have found that most digital strategies take about 4 months until there is real traction. This is because of the baseline period, the adjustment period and final implementation period which are usually a month each. 

What can I expect once started?

The V2M2 Group believes in total transparency.  Therefore, once the proposal is accepted, we invite you into our project management software.  This space is used to handle deliverables, files, communication and for our clients to see the progress of the project. 

We establish initial weekly progress meetings with your team and send bi-weekly progress reports.  These are in the form of databoards which include SEO, social and Google analytics.  We also provide a monthly ROMI report for your business. 

We have to be the best extension and representation of your business, which is why we have initial weekly meetings. This is our time to get to know one another and develop a level of comfort for working together. 

How do I get started?

If you are ready for an initial discovery meeting, or would like to learn more, set up a 30 minute meeting by clicking the link below.  Thank you for your interest and we look forward to speaking with you!

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