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What? Improve all my social media profiles—in one hour. Really?


I get it—you’re busy. Or maybe lazy (no judgement).

Either way, you’ve got posts to review, schedule, and publish. Campaigns to declare, launch, and manage. Emails to write and respond to. Countless deadlines for this and that.

And… a boss to please so they’ll feel at ease because ‘you got this’. So your brand shows up just right, for all your social media profiles.

This guide is for you.

Each tip should take only a few minutes. Altogether, about an hour. Schedule it for this week. You can do that, right?

Clock’s a ticking… what are we waiting for?

Bonus: Get the step-by-step social media strategy guide with pro tips on how to grow your social media presence.

1. Make sure you’re using the right size images

So your brand face will look professional and beautiful—no matter where you show up.

Optimize your profile images on each network. Often, this only takes a quick crop, which you can do in minutes.

Think about, too… where else these images might show up.

For instance…

How will it look expanded? Or small, when showing up in people’s streams? How will it look on mobile compared to desktop?

Each social network states the optimal images sizes. Because they know all thy ways they’ll be seen. Trust them.

This guide tells all. But I’ll summarize a few since you’re on the clock.

Facebook profile picture: 170 X 170 pixels Facebook cover photo: 828 X 465 pixels Twitter profile photo: 400 X 400 pixels Twitter header image: 1,500 X 500 pixels Google+ profile picture: 250 X 250 pixels (minimum) Google+ cover photo: 1080 X 608 pixels LinkedIn profile photo: 400 X 400 pixels (minimum) LinkedIn custom background: 1584 X 396 LinkedIn cover photo: 974 X 330 pixels LinkedIn banner image: 646 X 220 pixels Instagram profile picture: 110 X 110 pixels Pinterest profile picture: 150 X 150 pixels YouTube profile picture: 800 X 800 pixels YouTube cover photo: 2,560 X 1,440 pixels on desktop 2. Use the same profile image on every network

Your brand logo or image should be consistent across all networks.

The more you appear the same in feeds across social networks, the more likely you’ll get and stay top-of-mind. People will think of you before your competitor when they need your product or service.

But if you use different photos and logos you’ll dilute your brand’s visual identity (and recognizability).

3. Make sure your handles are consistent, too

For photos, appearing consistently increases brand recognition.

Same for handles. Also… it makes it easier for others to search and find you.

Want to increases the chances for people mentioning your brand? And, help them find and follow you?

Then make it obvious when they type the ‘@’ sign.

With a simple handle, as close to your personal or brand name as possible.

Just about every social media platform drops down a list in place to help you be clicked.


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