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The Right Mix of Business Acumen, Creativity and Digital Marketing

Founder, CEO

Franklin is a West Point graduate, former Army Captain and veteran who brings over 22 years of marketing, sales and leadership experience to the V2M2 Group. He has worked with companies like Johnson and Johnson and Morgan Stanley and is known for his passion in seeing businesses succeed as well as his innovative solutions to company challenges.  Frank practices what he preaches, being followed by brands such as Hyatt, Cinnabon, IBM, and Salesforce.  He is also followed by virtually most of the top social media influencers in the world.

Frank is also a professor Internet Marketing and Consumer Behavior at Aurora University, as well as a facilitator for the Illinois SBDC and College of Dupage Center for Entrepreneurship on social media and digital marketing.

Shannon Brahm

Social Media and Content Management

Shannon is a graduate of Aurora University and provides the content and social analytics for the clients of V2M2 Group. enjoy watching YouTube videos and reading blogs. I like to express my creativity through DIYs, interior design, and photography. You can find me exploring for fun new spots to eat and spending time outside with my dog. I’m always up for learning and trying new things.

Kristen Parham

Analytics and Research

Kristen is an analyst by day and a singer by night!  Actually, she may be singing while analyzing the data for V2M2 clients.  She is awesome at conducting market research, analyzing the data, identifying trends that can be turned into actionable strategies for our clients.

In her spare time, Kristen enjoys singing covers and sharing her talents on social media. Who woulda thunk?

Liset Rivera

Business Development
Liset is key to the business development of the V2M2 Group.  Her outgoing nature and knack for finding great clients to work with is irreplaceable.

Liset enjoys helping people find peace of mind in her spare time (you will have to ask her about that one!).  She enjoys networking, meeting new people and designing gifts for baby showers and weddings.  Oh, and of course, being married to the CEO..haha!

Dustin Weatherly

Social Media Managment, Music Artists
Dustin is the all-around guy here at V2M2.  Because of his passion for music, Dustin handles the social media and promotion for our music artists.  He also conducts market research for a variety of clients.

In his spare time, Dustin enjoys watching Netflix and cruising social media for entertainment and educational purposes.  He is always eager to learn more.

Jerry Bell, Ph.D.

Organizational Development
Jerry is a graduate of West Point and serves as our consultant in Organizational Development.  When identified, Jerry  will help our client organizations organize for sustainable growth.

Jerry currently has his own consulting company, JBJ Business Group where he performs the same function for private businesses and government entities.

Bob Lockwood

Bob is the jokester and creative mastermind of the group.  He is always exploring new ways to push the bounds of creative art through the lens and his innovative approaches to media.  Bob also is the creator of the Fox Valley Film Commission, the Aurora International Independent Film Festival and the newly designed Indie Space in downtown Aurora.

Bob enjoys finding new ideas to bring to the area, networking and promoting the creative arts.

James Murphy

Sales and Operations Consultant
Jim is an accomplished sales consultant professional.  He provides the V2M2 Group with the strategy needed for sustainable growth of the organization.  He provides direction on sales and growth strategies.

Timely Support

We are only a phone call or a message away.  No automated prompts with V2M2.  You will always get a live person and a return call within 24 hours.

Innovative Ideas

There are no cookie-cutter solutions with the V2M2 Group.  All of our solutions are bespoke for company’s digital marketing challenges.

Advanced Technology

We live on the web and are in-tune with the latest and greatest technology to help you tackle your digital marketing challenges. And with us, more expensive does not always mean better!

Clear Communication

You will always know where you stand with your project.  Full transparency and diligent reporting is in our DNA.

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